Yoga Instructors:

Gina Hayes (visiting from Devon)

Yoga completely healed my back after I fractured my spine. Yoga has given me a bounce in my step, a glow, depth, an inner strength so strong that no matter what life may throw at me I know I'll stand strong. The aim of each yoga class I teach is to raise ‘conscious awareness’ in fun and creative ways. Each class is a journey - to help my students be the masters of themselves in any given situation.

Barbara Hummel MCSP

I  started my yoga practice as a teenager (forty years ago). The essence of Yoga- trying to focus on each moment as it comes- has been an essential part in my life, and has been my source of strength through challenging and difficult phases. When I realised during my studies for physiotherapy how many techniques used by physiotherapists actually are founded on Yoga, I decided to train as a Yoga teacher with Sivananda (1988). Various other courses, but mostly experience in working with students and patients added to my experience. Physiologically correct and safe practice are equally important in my teaching as pointing out that Yoga is more than just exercise and should be fun, too. I teach a regular class in Carrbridge.

Lesley McKenna

Awaiting information

Julie Paterson

My first teacher training was in Ashtanga which I still love as I find the sequence very meditative. I also love the freedom of Aerial yoga and the stillness of Yin. In all my classes I encourage students to adapt the pose to their ability and their body, giving cues for all levels. I want students to leave the class feeling peaceful, yet empowered. 


Sara Paul


Simply put, I love teaching and I love learning. I have spent years working as an educator within health related fitness. Yoga provides a unique blend of mindfulness, spirituality and physical challenge that despite being such a personal experience, seems to be enriched when the practise is shared with others. I feel honoured to be part of that experience with my students.

Abby Saunders


I began my own practice as a teenager trying to aid the healing of an injury, but was soon drawn to the way yoga made me feel both physically and mentally. In recent years my practice deepened and evolved with the learning becoming much more of an internal process than a physical one.

Adele Simor (visiting from London)


I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago to combat stress-related illness. It’s been, and still is, an enlightening journey of subtle but constant change in my body and mind. As a teacher, I aim to create a safe space for my students to explore their bodies in movement. Asanas are just the framework we start from to discover and nurture the power, mobility, stability, fluidity and grace that exists within all of us.  

Other Session Leaders:

Helene Fleming - Sound Baths

Jan Horrocks - Meditation

Lisa Lawson - Juicing

Simon Pawsey - Guided Walks

Cath Wright - Forest Bathing


Will Boyd-Walllis


The Lunchbox Boys


Boat of Garten Community Hall
Set into ancient Caledonian woodlands, The Hall was opened in 2007 to provide facilities for local activities and visiting entertainments. With lots of wooden features and maintained to an exceptionally clean standard, it provides a range of rooms from the large Main Hall to the smaller Lounge, with windows looking out onto bird feeders and red squirrels. In 2019 the Hall took over management of the recreation field directly beside it - a large flat expanse of grass perfectly suited to site a marquee and camping. All in all, the indoor and outdoor space combines to provide the perfect setting for our Festival.

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