A class based on research evidence, to offset the effects of ageing and improve components of fitness that maintain and improve independence in later life. 

  • Balance - dynamic and static

  • Muscular Strength

  • Endurance

  • Floor skills

  • Flexibility

As a tutor/assessor with Later Life Training, on both the Otago and Postural Stability Instructor (PSI) courses, I am fortunate to maintain up to date knowledge in this area and have access to feedback on my teaching from the leaders in this field.

Class content includes body-weight only and exercise band exercises from a choice of seated, standing and floor (mat) positions according to individual ability. Most importantly each individual exercises at their own pace. I offer lots of support, correction and praise to ensure you gain the most from each session in terms of safety, effectiveness and fun.

Due to coronavirus there is only one class per week, marked out to safe social distance through placement of chairs (to stand behind if not sit on!). Exercise bands are supplied, used just once per week and stored/aired at the venue, but if you have your own please do bring it/them.

Please bring your own mat if you would like to practise floor-based activities.

"If it weren't for  her progress in your classes I don't think I'd be happy for my mum to live on her own."

"They were very impressed with my leg strength and that made it easier to recover from my operation."

Fit4Life Participants

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