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"Sara is extremely knowledgeable and can draw on many years of experience in the fitness sector and working directly with clients with a wide spectrum of needs. A combination of muscle stiffness and remnants of an old injury had made me reluctant to do regular exercise and I didn’t know what exercises would help or hinder me. Each week Sara was able to guide me through online one-to-one yoga classes that she tailored and paced personally to me. Sara is an excellent communicator and made the online sessions very effective giving me the experience of being in the room with her. The benefits have been immeasurable and the regular sessions have been instrumental in me regaining fitness. I would not hesitate in thoroughly recommending Sara to help you reach your fitness goals!"

"As I'm reflecting on my day, I can't be more grateful for my morning session with YOU!!! Thanks always for the RIGHT session."

"Sara, your sessions are life changing for me.....there is so much I am benefitting in my daily life from my yoga practice --and I am so grateful for that (you)!!!"

Online One-to-One Yoga Students (October 2020/October 2022)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class tonight. Thanks so much for talking us through everything. As a beginner, I had no idea what to expect but your explanations were straightforward."

"Thank you for tonight's class. A challenge presented in achievable drops which felt like it all flowed. I really enjoy your style of teachiing."

"Sara is the best yoga teacher I've ever had. She really knows her stuff; she doesn't just tell you what to do, she watches everyone constantly to make sure everyone is doing the movements properly. She will come to gently move you to the right position if necessary."

In person Yoga Students (pre COVID-19/May 2023)



The benefits of yoga are numerous for people of all ages, including:

  • mood, concentration, stress management;

  • strength, balance, flexibility;

  • rehabilitation from injuries;

  • management of some medical conditions and pain.


Over 250 online classes, of varying duration and content, from beginners/technique, short guided meditations and pranayama to hour-long intense dynamic vinyasa. ​Use the search function for: aerobic, balance, dynamic yoga, flexibility, guided meditation, pranayama, strength, technique. Practise wherever and whenever it suits you. Repeat your favourite classes as many times as you choose.

Go to online classes to join the online community either for one week (at the same cost as a face-to-face class) or longer. 


Available in person (see my weekly schedule of group in person classes) and online by arrangement.

The asana practice includes flowing sequences that co-ordinate breath with movement. While some classes are designed to be relatively dynamic, others are more restorative in nature. But you remain in control of the intensity.

I will guide you through your practice, giving clear instructions to minimise my time demonstrating and maximise my time observing. Expect group and individual feedback throughout.

All classes are mixed ability except Level 1 Yoga, which is best suited to beginners (those who have not practised yoga previously or for a long time, who have injuries, and those who would prefer easier transitions between the asana).
One-to-one sessions are completely tailored to you and can assist in rehabilitation from injury, investigate asana and/or pranayama technique, or simply provide you with a relaxing yet invigorating experience.

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